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Our factory wellhead valve USES the sand mold cast steel blank, the process of the body, often occurs in the internal thread with the seat with the casting defects such as blow hole, shrinkage, the macro analysis of the body section, found that hot section area have different degrees of shrinkage phenomenon, in order to solve the above problems, we improved test many times to casting process.

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    In addition, to choose the right weight and bending plate match. It is well known that curved plate on lathe tooling static balance directly affect the machining precision of lathe and the production efficiency, so we in the plate shape and layout of balancing the up and down a lot of work, a is the radius of gyration as far as possible to reduce weight, the second is on the layout using the cylindrical inner structure, improve the performance of dynamic balance on the circumferential direction, the machine speed and workpiece machining accuracy to improve as soon as possible.

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